Ane Brun

The Crocodile Presents

Ane Brun

Linnea Olsson

Tue, February 18, 2014

8:00 pm

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA

$15 Adv.

This event is all ages

Ane Brun
Ane Brun
The recording of Ane Brun’s new album, It All Starts With One would have been underway as early as 2010, were it not for Peter Gabriel and Ani DiFranco inviting Ane on tour. Much to the frustration of her fast-growing fan base, accumulated over the previous three studio album and periods of hard touring, Ane Brun’s own album had to wait. This, however, turned out to be an advantageous move with that year spent on the world tour giving Ane time to write additional songs and allowing for further work on those that already existed. During those magical recording days in Stockholm last spring, no one in the artist’s inner circle had any doubt that the time was right, everything just fell into place.

Ane Brun and the album’s producer Tobias Froberg have been friends ever since Ane moved to Sweden from Norway in the early 00s, over which time they have toured and sung several duets together. It was two years ago that they started talking about making an album devoted to Ane Brun together, having grown alongside each other as the two talented and recognized musicians they are, they felt that time was now.

“As the album recording was seriously delayed, we have been able to have many conversations about the essence of the album. I felt I had done three albums that somehow belong together as a trilogy, and that I was ready to take a new step in a different direction, or to pass on parts of the expression that I had discovered through working on Changing of the Seasons.” – Ane Brun

“Something that Tobias and I talked about from very early on was the element of rhythm. We wanted it to be more prominent than on my previous records. Previously I’ve had a lot of rhythm in my guitar, something that has made it difficult to add drums. This time I had it in mind when I wrote the songs – they’re not necessarily needed to build a guitar arrangement. I focused on writing an excellent text and a strong melody and the rest had to come in studio, in collaboration with musicians and Tobias. It was another way of writing, not very intuitive. Several of the songs have also been written on the piano.” – Ane Brun

Ane Brun was moving out of the traditional singer-songwriter suit as early as the last album, Changing of the Seasons, and Tobias Froberg completes that trip, and It All Starts With One allows for his own sound to be taken to a new level. He hired two drummers, Per Eklund (Lykke Li, Miike Snow) and Ola Hultgren (Loney Dear, thus Owls) to play together on most of the album’s songs. Martin Hederos (Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Tonbruket) was behind the organs. A large part of what takes place in the musical arrangements is due to the interaction between the evocative rhythm section and Hederos’ soaring piano. Froberg only wanted bass on a single song, creating space and movement for Ane’s exceptional voice, which was flanked by, among others, the sisters from First Aid Kid (Do You Remember) and José González (Worship).

Some of the songs were completed by January 2011, but most have been written in Ane’s writing studio in Stockholm in the January / February period of 2011. It was at this time that the Arab revolution started and Ane spoke of how affected she was by the courage and energy that people showed the world:

“For a long time I’d had an idea to write a song about how change begins. That it begins as a feeling or an idea from a person, requiring that it be the first small step at the beginning of the change process. One song was finished the same week as the revolution in Egypt began. The text fell into place when I followed what was going on there” – Ane Brun

“It All Starts With One explored the dynamics involved in trying to find balance between embracing the independent without feeling lonely, and to keep oneself and ones core intact, whilst wanting to help someone in need. The album also includes a encouraged dose of passionate love, a celebration of language, a carnival of words and an attempt at reconciliation.” – Ane Brun

How does it feel, now that the album she has been involved in creating for so long is finally finished? Does she feel anxious?

- Not at all, laughs Ane. I am so incredibly proud of the finished product and can hardly wait to show it to the world.
Linnea Olsson
Linnea Olsson
One could begin with an insight into Linnea Olsson’s musical world with a description of what she has reared from. Paint a picture of a small Coastal Swedish town family of four, four musicians nonetheless. Her resume reads of a manuscript for the trained to aspire towards. All the tools, schools, accolades one could gather to claim themselves as a prepared musical being, following in the path that had been cleared before her. Yes it seems you can already guess what is next for her.

Years touring the world playing bass and cello with the likes of Ane Brun, Frida Hyvönen, and Nina Kinert amongst others. Wherever there was time Linnea filled it with musical collaboration and motion. Until the Fall of 2010 motion slowed. For this time, we are grateful. As this is when Linnea sat down with what she knew, and created something that demands a space in the musical universe. Eleven songs that are now know as the album ¨AH!¨.

Before pressing play on Linnea’s debut album, AH!, we must say we expected a lot from it. What we came away with is something much above my expectations. This record has been on repeat inside my head since the first listen. AH! stirs together longing, bliss, dream, motion and love into one. Each emotion distinct and defined in its own right upon arrival, yet harmonious in the format of one whole album. How could such a learned being create something so uninhibited? All whilst being made with just two incredibly dynamic and character rich elements; her voice and her cello.
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