The Mothership

Loud & Local & The Crocodile Present:

The Mothership

Ever-So-Android, Piano Piano, Devils Hunt Me Down

Fri, March 28, 2014

7:30 pm

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA


This event is all ages

The Mothership
The Mothership
At the helm are four artists whose pasts are as varied as their personalities. Their repertoire is a polished and satisfying mixture of the revolutionary and the familiar. They succeed in grabbing the attention of casual listeners long enough to make an impact while providing a genuine experience for the serious show-goers who have a habit of letting good albums play on repeat. Gritty vocals and gripping lyrics come from a place of reality, devoid of the buzzwords and cliches of today's overly produced rock. John Beckman and Paul Fraser’s heavy guitars work together to compliment and add sophistication, not flash. A solid and sophisticated backbone is provided by Will Andrews and Ryan Thornes on drums and bass respectively.

The motivation behind The Mothership was borne from their experiences in the Seattle music scene and a shared passion to write songs drenched in melody and harmony. In the perfect pitch of Beckman's voice, tinges of Cobain and Morrison resonate without overreaching, reminding audiences of the uniqueness that made Seattle great. In the chaos of Thornes’ background screams and Fraser’s heavy guitar-lines, the old cornerstones of rock coalesce with the emergence of an inexplicably original sound, one that harkens to itself and to the future while avoiding the redundancy of the standard rock guitar. Andrews' drumming is constantly intense and provides an unwavering dose of energy to both live and studio renditions of the band. The secret in the sauce has to be the limitless pallet of these four established artists. Their musical preferences include legends like the Beatles and the Doors, emerging artists like Sleepy Sun, and the eclectic, mind-bending efforts of compositional pioneers like Radiohead.

The future looks bright for The Mothership, which in turn sheds new hope for the redirection of Seattle’s rock scene. The band recorded a strong full length album 'Ten Miles Wide' at Houdini’s Tree Studios in Seattle in early 2011 with producer/engineer David Green. David captured the raw energy of the band in his modest home studio in the Magnolia district of Seattle. The album has turned quite a few heads in the local scene and earned them the opportunity to play in front many Pacific Northwest music fans at some of the premier venues in the area. They have opened for Floater, The Missionary Position and Just Like Vinyl, played The Crocodile and Neumos, took part in KEXP's Noise for the Needy 2012 concert series and had success on the college radio circuit in the same year.
"Ever So Android’s mixture of the distorted programming of Pretty Hate Machine-era Nine Inch Nails and the glitchier strands of the current EDM movement forms a tempestuous brand of electro-rock that’s as dangerous as it is alluring."
Piano Piano
Piano Piano
Piano Piano was founded in Seattle Washington in late-2011, formed by four acquaintances and past
collaborators. Driven by a mutual appreciation of all forms of music, the mission was to traverse new
stylistic and technical boundaries in an immediately accessible context, with both careful consideration for
the listener and utter disregard to serving anyone except the song. It is a personal journey of four
musicians within the whole. Musica gratia musica. The rest is filler.
Piano Piano’s debut full-length album, ‘When I was not in Myself, No One Alarmed Me’, will be released
on August 18th 2013. The album was recorded and mixed at Bear Creek Studio in Woodenville, WA by
Jerry Streeter (Blonde Redhead, The Lumineers). Mastering will be performed at Sterling Sound in New
York City by Greg Calbi (Mogwai, Grizzly Bear, Shearwater, Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth, Low, Sunny
Day Real Estate). The album was predominantly tracked live to cature the purest possible essense of
Following an affinity for a diverse, constantly evolving, and ever-expanding web of influences in all
genres, ‘When I was not in Myself, No One Alarmed Me’ was composed and refined in little more than a
year. While not a concept album per say, the material is meant to be experienced in a single sitting as a
cohesive entity, and song transitions are intended to flow seamlessly. The band is already composing
new material, which will serve as a step forward into ever-more uncharted and nuanced territory. The
future is open.

Please contact for all press and booking inquiries.
Devils Hunt Me Down
Devils Hunt Me Down
So this one time, a while ago, this dude was in a band. And he didn't really listen to the kind of music that band played. So things were rough, y'know? Struggle, turmoil, bad huju. Y'know? So he bounced. Just like that.

Now, back then, he was working at a music store with these other dudes. And they became like really good friends and they played music together all the time. Two of the dudes were in other bands, but that one dude from the band before who was then on his own just kept doing his own thing.

So, like a year passed, and everybody's bands started struggling, like that one dude's band did before. And that one dude was still writing music like all the time. He started coming up with this weird crazy, sort-of new but sort-of not new sound to his songs.

And one day he asked one the dudes from the music store, this super nice, tall, skinny dude with crazy curly hair to come play in his band. Which is funny, cuz that main dude from before is kind of a big dude. Like with a beard and shit. So they start jamming.

Meanwhile, the big dude started playing with this younger guy with long hair. The younger guy plays some sick drums, and he could groove with the big dude. So, between the young guy, the big dude, and the skinny, curly-haired crazy dude, they started a project.

And this one day, the curly-haired dude said something about cops and getting busted and said something like "...may the devils hunt me down."

And so they got their name.

Now remember how I said the big dude worked with those other guys at the music store? Well, one of those guys, this shorter guy with sick tats, he could scream like a banshee. So they asked him to sing. And then, the big dude knew this other big dude because the original big dude used to play in a band with the new big dude's brother. And that new big dude plays a really mean bass. So they asked him to hold down the low end for 'em. Unfortunately, for the band, the new big dude had some obligations on the home front with news that a mini big dude was on the way! So, a new bass man was in need! Now, you know that shorter guy with the tats who screams n' shit? Well he used to play in a band with this other guy with sick tats and a bass to match! That being said, he jammed with a couple of the guys, and now the groove is back!
Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121