B* Boys
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B* Boys

Caspian Coberly

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with Caspian Coberly

B* Boys are a group of high school friends who have come together to form a collectieve of rappers, singers, producers, and graphic designers. Members include Solomon Kruger, Diego Cruz, Sean Kelly, Grady Spors, Zane Crawford, Rohan Ramdin, and Kalijah Rowe. Their blend of Hip Hop, Jazz, Punk, and Electronic genres consistently deliver a unique and exciting listening experience. Their debut album Cheerleader, showcases their high end production quality and distinct flavor of rap. Not only did this prove their musical competence, but at their debut show it also proved the rapid growth of their fanbase, when one hundred and fifty people were turned away for lack of capacity. By the release of their second album Field trip, the rap group continued to explode their fanbase to new heights as well as showcasing their comically tinged, art rap style,

Caspian Coberly is a Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist musician who writes, produces, and arranges all of his music. He released his debut post-punk record in January of 2019, which draws influence from groups like Joy Division, Gang of Four, and Wire.

After years of obsessing over the guitar, Caspian started taking lessons at age 5. He quickly developed skill beyond his years on the instrument and was discovered by legendary rock photographer Robert M. Knight. Although Caspian truly loved guitar playing, he wanted to further his artistic output beyond being a child prodigy. In middle school, Caspian started home-recording original music and taught himself to play a variety of instruments necessary for making records. His debut record is a period piece on late-70s recording and received praise from legendary post-punk group Television. Moving forward, Caspian is excited to release more records and expand his audience.

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The Crocodile
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Seattle, WA, 98121