Future Spells  @ The Back Bar
The Crocodile Presents:

Future Spells @ The Back Bar

Future Spells

Margo Adrift

The Crocodile Back BarSeattleWA
All Ages
with Margo Adrift

Future Spells is an experimental ambient project made up of Luna Moss members Char Easter and Dan Blossom. At its stream-of-conscious core are dreamscape vocals over psychedelic drone guitar loops with songs that range from electronic dub beat infused dream pop to free-range, nonlinear compositions on unpredictable patternless paths.


Margo Adrift

Margo Adrift is Margo Lauritzen and Kevin Evans, friends with a long sonic history. With Kevin on drums and Margo’s epic and poetic songs featuring extraordinary subjects such as Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace and Albert Einstein, the future is full of mystery and beauty and plenty of musical hooks.


Venue Information:
The Crocodile Back Bar
2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121