Marty O'Reilly @ Fremont Abbey
The Crocodile Presents:

Marty O'Reilly

Brandon Grumbles

Fremont Abbey Arts CenterSeattleWA
All Ages
with Brandon Grumbles

"Sonically, it's a progressive sandwich comprised of all of the best ingredients that Americana can muster. In other words, as per usual for the quartet, their latest is a culmination of blues, folk, and soul inflections that altogether develop a sound that's fresh and cosmic. Amidst all of the compelling, soaring instrumentation on the track, it's O'Reilly's incredible delivery keeps that proverbial sandwich from falling apart. His passionate, smoky vocals unrelentingly drive the song and its theme forward." --Jonathan Frohm, PopMatters

Venue Information:
Fremont Abbey Arts Center
4272 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA