New Track City with Nobi, Blossom and Tapes-One2
The Crocodile Presents:

New Track City

Nobi (2), Blossom, Tapes-One2

The CrocodileSeattleWA
All Ages
with Nobi, Blossom and Tapes-One2

Coming on the scene with jazz, Soul and Alternative inspired sounds mixed with the lyrically captivity of Hip Hop, Federal Way's New Track City is something new and different. Formed of two rappers (Bem and Chi. Stone) and producer (Dru on Beats) the Washington trio plans to leave everything on the table letting the chips fall where they may. This "all in" attitude can be heard throughout New Track City's first internet album, “Spring Exceeds Winter”, in which they blend live instruments with Big Band Jazz to create a hip hop sound of their own. Not only is the sound different but the diversity is also what sets it apart from most projects out there. One of the stand out tracks off of the album entitled "The Wave", takes you through a multitude of sounds before reaching a climactic end similar to a Broadway musical. The album then takes a more soulful approach on songs such as, “The Wants, Fortune, and God’s Gift.” New Track City's ability to incorporate multiple genres of music together shows that these guys have no boundaries. With their first project in the books, the future looks bright for the men of New Track City.

Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98121