Will Jordan
The Crocodile Presents:

Will Jordan

Penthouseseventynine, Eternity (16), Dali

The CrocodileSeattleWA
All Ages
with Penthouseseventynine , Eternity, and Dali

Will Jordan is an ambient hip hop and R&B artist from Tacoma, WA. Currently on the second leg of his Deep Sleep Tour, Will Jordan is touring to promote his latest EP, Deep Sleep.

City Arts Magazine described the layers of meaning Deep Sleep as “the archetypal dark night of the soul; the nurturing succor of sleep; the state of a troubled, exhausted world that can’t seem to wake up despite its blaring alarm.”

The Deep Sleep Tour will continue through summer into fall 2019. Heading further east, the tour will stop in major cities across the US including Houston, New York, Philadelphia and Miami. The Europe circuit will stop in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Romania and Croatia.

For the final stop of the second leg of the Deep Sleep Tour in Seattle, Will Jordan will be accompanied by local artists Dali, Penthouseseventynine, and Eternity.

Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98121