The Monkeywrench

25th Anniversary Crockshock Presents:

The Monkeywrench

The Gallow Swings, Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band

Thu, April 21, 2016

8:00 pm

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA

$18 Adv.

This event is all ages

The Monkeywrench
The Monkeywrench
The Year, 2016. The Monkeywrench were asked to play an All Tomorrow’s Parties event that is curated by Drive Like Jehu on the weekend of April 22rd to 24TH in Wales, UK.

The Crocodile also wanted to do a CrockShock event for their 25th anniversary and approached The Monkeywrench to see if they wanted to play the event. Wanting to get a show in before the ATP show the timing was perfect! Hence CrockShock 2016!
Come and enjoy while you have the opportunity to see a rare live show by this amazing group of musicians.


The Monkeywrench came together in 1991 after Mark Arm and Steve Turner of the classic Seattle band Mudhoney met Tim Kerr, the guitarist for DIY bands such as the Big Boys, Poison 13, Lord High Fixers etc. After Steve and Mark explained what fans they were of his days with Poison 13, Tim mentioned there were more songs that had not been recorded from Poison 13 and maybe they could get together to record sometime. Mark took that idea and ran with it and after talking with SubPop, Mark put the band together. Tim would handle guitar duties; Mark would play piano, harmonica and sing; and Steve would pick up the bass since it was obvious that Tom Price would have to be the other guitar player. Tom had played in the great Seattle band the U-Men. They had come to Texas and played with Poison 13 in the day and brought that music back up to Seattle. The lineup was completed with the addition of Australian drummer Martin Bland, known for his work with groups like Lubricated Goat, the Primevils, and Bloodloss. The latter of these bands also included Mark on vocals and guitar.

The Monkeywrench was intended to be a sort of one time, one LP band. After sending tapes back and forth of the then forgotten Poison 13 songs Tim was flown up to Seattle where the band practiced for a week, the reworked songs and then went into Egg Studios in Seattle with producer Conrad Uno recording their first LP, Clean as a Broke-Dick Dog. The album was released in 1992, along with a 7" that included two tracks from the LP -- "Bottle Up & Go" and "Cold, Cold World" -- as well as a song titled "Out of Focus all paid for and put out by SubPop, One show was played which led to another then another but the band never made it down to Texas or anywhere else other than Seattle. There was also split 7" of the Germs' song "Shut Down" on Gasatanka Records in late 1995. The song also appeared on that year's tribute album to the Germs, titled "A Small Circle of Friends," on
Grass Records. On a side note, while in Seattle, Tim first met Dave Crider who was playing guitar with the Monomen during this time, which led to Tim's connection with Estrus and a strong friendship with Dave. He helped produce many of the label's bands, as well as joining their roster in groups like Lord High Fixers, Jack O'Fire, and TotalSoundGroup. This period also led to SubPop releasing all of the old Poison 13 recordings (Wine Is red Poison Is Blue) sometime in the mid 90s.

When Matt Lukin left Mudhoney in 98/99, Mark and Steve contacted Tim about getting together again to play at the then annual Estrus Garage Shock that Dave and his wife Bekki put on. The practice and show was so much fun that it was decided to record another record. After more tapes back and forth, they went into the Private Radio Studios in November of 1999 with Jack Endino and Tim/and band doing the recording duties. Two singles, and 2000's Estrus release Electric Children were the result. Shows were booked and The Monkeywrench finally played Texas.
This was also the period that Monkeywrench was asked to played with PearlJam at Wembley .The Pearl Jam shows led to the release of the live at Wembley record.

"Time passed way too quickly before we recorded a couple of more songs. By then Dave Crider at Estrus was slowing way down and he suggested that it would be better for us if we released the record on another label.
Luckily, our good friends at Birdman were willing to release a record by a band that hardly ever gets together, much less plays live."

"Tim Kerr told me about 4-5 weeks ago that record is finished but cover art not..."

"We entrusted a friend of ours, Tim Silbaugh, who is great graphic designer, to help us with the art work. The trouble here is that Tim is very
busy with work that he gets paid for and he didn't have much time between jobs to work on the Monkeywrench album. The artwork is finally done and it looks great. The cover of Gabriel's Horn is drawing by Tim Kerr. The rest was put together by Tim Silbaugh and the whole thing looks great."

"As of June 2008, the record has been out a couple of months and there is talk of a tour or tours maybe in the fall but with this group you
never know what is going to happen next or when if ever because everyone has other things going on."
The Gallow Swings
The Gallow Swings
Adam Grendon (ex-Kent III) and Randall Payne (The Bali Girls) are NW vets from way back. David Bucci led Enduro (Austin) throughout the '90s and moved to Seattle a few years ago from New York.

The Gallow Swings formed in 2011 and recently opened for Mudhoney in Bellingham.

Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band
Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band
Primitive-but-crisp, punk-blues trio from Seattle.
Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121