Glamorama feat. Proxy Shazam

Art Martyrs Presents

Glamorama feat. Proxy Shazam

The Shanghai Pearl, The Fabulous Downey Brothers

Fri, January 20, 2017

8:00 pm

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA

$18 Adv.

This event is 21 and over

Welcome to your Inauguration Day Escape Plan! The biggest Glam Rock show Seattle has seen in over three decades is going down at the Crocodile on Inauguration Day and you do not want to miss it! This will be a true SHOW, with must-see production value involving some of the most talented and well-known musicians and performers in Seattle. Performing as Proxy Shazam, you’ll be enveloped and enraptured by Sari Breznau, Matthew Manges, Kathy Moore, Jeremy Lightfoot, Annastasia Workman, Matt Riley, Anna Urband, Tim Keller, Tony James, JT Phillips, Rainbow Fletcher and Jess Klein.
Known for the “Best Burlesque in the Northwest” Shanghai Pearl will be emceeing the evening’s festivities. These are festivities you should become a part of! Dress-up, dive-in, turn-off and tune-out to the political events of the day. You want sparkle?! We’ll give you sparkle! We’ve got Rainbow Fletcher creating choreography that will entertain your escape. Rainbow’s work has been presented at On The Boards, Men In Dance Festival, Cornish Dance Theater, Seattle International Cabaret Festival, Can Can, Bumbershoot, The Moore Theater, The Triple Door, and many more. The Downey’s “TURF” album release is part of the evening’s revelry. If you haven’t been paying attention, the Fabulous Downey Brothers are one of Seattle’s most beloved bands dedicated to bringing you the best of music, video and performance using sacred formulas that were designed to help you return to the Mothership.
So we’ve got an Escape Plan. We’ve got Drag Queens. We’ve got Burlesque. We’ve got Killer Musicians. We’ve got a Rainbow. We’ve got Alien Powers. We’ve got Confetti Cannons. And we’ve got A Cause!!!!
This fundraiser for Art Martyrs Relief Society is something we can all agree on: Artists, whose hard work makes Seattle an entertaining, beautiful, hilarious, thought provoking and vibrant place to be, should not be living in poverty.
“Why don’t we do this every weekend?!”

That was the question, and the answer, that led to the formation of Art Martyrs Relief Society, a group that organizes events with the specific goal of paying artists for their work and promoting an awareness of their need to be paid.

Sari Brezneau and Matt Manges have worked together in the performance world in Seattle for over 15 years, primarily in the performance group, Circus Contraption. Circus Contraption was a collaborative multidisciplinary performance troupe that worked consistently on original productions for ten years. These productions had reasonable budgets that somehow paid for large casts, tech, outside resources, set design/construction, and the many other aspects of a real production. People were underpaid, but for the most part they were paid, and happy to be a part of a community project. Sadly things have gotten worse for the underpaid performer in Seattle.

Today this type of project would struggle to exist at all. In the higher priced Seattle market, artists increasingly are getting less money for their hard work. The idea of actually working as a performing artist, let alone as a performance group, is becoming more and more uncommon. In light of, or due to, this struggle, artists have gotten used to working for less and less money. And the area is flooded with musicians and performers who are more willing to accept that. Make no mistake, we are lucky to have such a talented pool of artists to draw from…..

But what about the performers that are good enough to do this for a living?!?! Those committed to their art form enough to try!? Often times they string hundreds of underpaid shows together, and they pinch pennies between the rare opportunities they have to make a decent buck. There has to be a way to help in some way?

Matt Riley met Sari and Matt Manges in 2000 when he first moved to Seattle. He worked with them on various productions and was amazed at the level of commitment, professionalism, talent, and passion. During one of those collaborations, Riley [trying to get above the noise of the band] screamed with joy across the stage at Manges, “This is so awesome!! Why don’t we do this every weekend?!?”

Manges screamed back, “ Money!”

After the show everyone was kicking back with a few drinks and the issue of money came up again. Yes, there was a cover charge, and yes the band was paid, but they continued the conversation and collectively shook their fists. Something that brought the community together in such a positive way paid the actual artists so very little. When hearing the actual stats, Riley was also amazed at the lack of funding for proper production value. A sadness ensued.

DO NOT FRET!!! Those clouds have parted! Matt, Matt and Sari’s discussions over the years has led to the formation of the Non Profit production company Art Martyrs Relief Society.

Here’s the premise: What if we could pay performers - really well - even if it was for just one kick ass show a year? One awesome show that celebrates the performer showcases their talent and celebrates them monetarily. A show that values people within our community and supports their deservedness for a fair working wage. A fundraiser that actually pays them. A fundraiser to draw attention to the importance of paying artists for their thousands of hours of practice, their blood, sweat, and tears….. but mostly for their talent, their time in rehearsals, time onstage and production costs for a true show.

If we are able to raise proper money, we could parlay it directly back to the artists in our community. It could then allow them more time to practice, write, whatever, maybe even pay the rent. It’s a circle, you see??? What about a show to start the wheel spinning? Wouldn’t that be a great show!? No bullshit, just pay the performers. Whatever money we raise for the show will go directly to the performers in the next year’s show. A rolling production fund, to pay performers properly and to assist in overall production value.

What’s in it for us? We want to be a part of community performance. We love working on self-produced shows that are a veritable production. It is a chance for us to put people that have been working hard at their craft, in fancy clothes in the spot light. A celebration of their hard work. It is our hope that Art Martyrs Relief Society is a spark that lights a fire in the hearts and minds of our community. To fund the arts is to fund our collective soul. Let’s Pay the Performer! Let’s Pay the Soul! The souls of this year’s Art Martyrs production troupe performing as Proxy Shazam include:

Sari Breznau is a singer, music director and multi-instrumentalist best known for her work with Circus Contraption, Orkestar Zirkonium, Future Fridays, Can Can Productions, The People's Grand Opera and Beats Antique. Matt Manges is a musician and performer based in Seattle. He is best known for his contributions to Circus Contraption, Orkestar Zirkonium, The Annie Ford Band, EDPUSA, and Nordo and Can Can productions. Matt Riley is a singer known in Seattle for his cameos with the Circus Contraption, Funk Band and late nights at the Rock Box. Originally from Boston, Matt has performed in T Stations and with John Williams at the Boston Pops, Sarah Caldwell and the Boston Opera Company and Seiji Ozawa at Tanglewood.

Tony James is a Cornish grad and lead singer of T-Rox (Trannysaurus Rox) and Co-created of L80 a 80's band trapped in 2017! Tony James is aka Gaydolf Hitler, Freckles Riverside, Queeney Todd, Morgan Le gay...the list goes on. Tim Keller, a singer, actor, songwriter and musician based out of Los Angeles. In the PNW, you can catch him singing with Blue Wave band, or playing Jack Skellington in the Can Can's annual Halloween show "This is Halloween". Anna Urband is just a ‘lil dude making her way through the world. Her time is often occupied by musical theatre performance and choreography. She has also been known to rump shake with Seattle's own Fly Girls dance crew.

Kathy Moore is a seasoned professional performing throughout the country for the last 20 years. She has performed with Thaddeus Turner, Brad, Satchel, Kim Virant, Wayne Horvitz, Barret Martin and many other names in Northwest Rock. Both her guitar chops and songwriting are a high octane confluence of rock, funk, jazz and country. Annastasia Workman is a seething volcano of repressed emotions, reflected in her maniacal-yet-sensitive approach to playing keys. Her artistry is often punctuated with aggressive front and side snap kicks from the Tai Kwon Do tradition. Jeremy Lightfoot has been a bass smith the majority of his life. Lightfoot has conquered TV, radio, studio session and live touring escapades. He currently performs with Satchel, Mother of Pearl, El Vez to name a few and will be found in the most random places on earth doing the most random possible things. JT Phillips is a guitar player, plain and simple. He lives to play music, experience music, teach music and loves being involved in the incredible music community we have in Seattle and the PacNW. JT is known for playing with bands such as Klover Jane, Jamie Nova SKY, Years of War, Garrett Whitney, Glenn Cannon’s Bartsool Prophets and tribute bands of Jar of Fli9es & Outshined. Jess Klein graduated from Cornish with a BFA in Dance. She's performed in theaters, on city streets, with bands, in music videos and in short films. Jess co-created the 80's dance duo Fankick! and has performed with the Seattle Opera, the Castaways, and Mark Haim Dance Theater. Jess is currently dancing with Hypernova Contemporary Dance Company.

Rainbow Fletcher is a choreographer, dancer, and director of any and all creative ventures that she imagines. Her choreography is built on a distinctive style of intricate movement mixed with expressive athleticism. Her voice as a creator has been strongly influenced by her eclectic background in multiple styles of dance, martial arts, and yoga practice. She draws her inspiration from all forms of movement, life experiences, fashion, and pop culture. Never bound by one specific genre, she passionately conceptualizes and completes projects that resonate with society today. Rainbow is the founder of HYPERNOVA Contemporary Dance Company, and Co-Artistic Director of The Offshore Project. In addition to her current projects, Rainbow is well-known for her past innovative creations as the Choreographer and Dance Director of the Can Can Castaways, (the in-house group for the Can Can Kitchen and Cabaret). Prior to her career as a choreographer and performer, she received her B.F.A. in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts.
The Shanghai Pearl
The Shanghai Pearl
The Shanghai Pearl is an internationally renowned Burlesque performer and instructor based out of Seattle, Washington. She is celebrated for her extravagant costumes, bawdy humor, sizzling strip-tease, high glamour, and pulchritudinous performances.

Since her debut in the Cabaret world she has shimmied her way across virtually every Seattle stage including The Illustrious Triple Door, The Pink Door, Rebar, Highway 99 Blues Club, The Pampas Room, West Hall, The SeaMonster Lounge, Julia's on Broadway, The ACT Theater, The Palace Ballroom, The Noc Noc, The Can Can, The Jewel Box Theater @ The Rendezvous, The Fun House, The Heavens, Trinity, The Last Supper Club, Columbia City Theater, The Bedroom Club, The Chop Suey, and Hard Rock Cafe.

Currently a sought after solo-ist, she was a long time member of The Sinner Saint Burlesque Revue and Can Can Stowaways. She has also been a featured guest of the Can Can Castaways, Heavenly Spies, Glam-O-Rama Girlie Show, and Teatro Zinzanni. The Shanghai Pearl is pleased to maintain a presence at The Moisture Festival, Burlesque Hall of Fame, New Orleans Burlesque Festival, New York Burlesque Festival, and Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

She travels widely to perform and has been featured in San Francisco, New York City, Paris, Portland, Vancouver B.C, Honolulu, Tampa, Los Angeles, Reno, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, and Anchorage, Alaska.

In addition to her solo performance she has produced several variety shows and fundraisers. The Shanghai Pearl has been teaching burlesque since 2006 and loves bringing her cadre of classes around the country.

The Shanghai Pearl can be seen in Deidre Timmons’ documentary “A Wink and A Smile” which premiered to sold out audiences across the nation and is available on Netflix, Itunes, and DVD.
The Fabulous Downey Brothers
The Fabulous Downey Brothers
The Fabulous Downey Brothers are an award-winning 6-piece Seattle/Olympia, WA band known for high energy performances with a dash of theatrics and the bizarre. Drawing comparisons to Devo, The B-52's and The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, the only thing you can expect at a Fabulous Downey Brothers show is the unexpected. In addition to opening for The B-52's at Marymoor Park, they have previously played such venues as Chop Suey, High Dive, Blue Moon and the Crocodile and continue to play shows throughout the Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia area. The band may represent polar dynamics: Love and Hate, Darkness and Light, Happy and Pissed, Boring and Exciting - all expressed in the abstract. It's contradicting and humiliating.
Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121