Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

STG Presents:

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever


Wed, April 25, 2018

8:00 pm

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA


This event is all ages

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
In early 2016, the release of Talk Tight put Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever on the map with glowing reviews from SPIN, Stereogum, and Pitchfork, praising them as stand-outs even among the fertile landcape of Melbourne music. Chock full of snappy riffs, spritely drumming and quick- witted wordplay, Talk Tight was praised "for the precision of their melodies, the streamlined sophistication of their arrangements, and the undercurrent of melancholy that motivates every note." (Pitchfork)

Born from late night jam sessions in singer/guitarist Fran Keaney's bedroom and honed in the thrumming confines of Melbourne's live music venues, the band began to take shape as audiences got moving. Sharing tastes and songwriting duties, cousins Joe White and Fran Keaney, brothers Tom and Joe Russo, and drummer Marcel Tussie started out with softer, melody-focused songs. The more shows they played, the more those driving rhythms that now trademark their songs emerged. Since then, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever rode that wave from strength to strength. Touring around the country on headline bills and festival slots all the way to BIGSOUND, they entrenched themselves with their thrilling live shows. Meanwhile, they were prepping their next release.

The French Press EP levels up on everything that made Talk Tight such an immediate draw. Multi- tracked melodies which curl around one another, charging drums and addictive bass lines converge to give each track its driving momentum. Honed through their live shows, this relentless energy carries the record through new chapters in the band's Australian storybook.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever's songs have always had all the page-turning qualities of a good yarn and The French Press EP is no different. Somewhere between impressionists and fabulists, lyricists Fran Keaney, Tom Russo and Joe White often start with something rooted in real life -- the melancholy of travel on 'French Press,' having a hopeless crush on 'Julie's Place' -- before building them into clever, quick vignettes. The result is lines blurred between fiction and reality -- vibrant stories which get closer at a particular truth than either could alone.

On 'French Press,' it's a Skype call between two brothers -- one gallivanting overseas, the other sitting in tedious comfort in some air-conditioned office. The freedom of one, having cast off physical and emotional ties and wrestling with liberation versus feeling lost, versus the grim routine -- but also security -- of the latter, all pivoting on a series of double meanings: The journalistic French press versus the coffee pot which symbolizes drab office culture, the disconnect people crave in escaping their homes versus the disconnect from everything they knew and cared about. And finally, the disconnect of a Skype call over a shoddy internet connection.

On first single 'Julie's Place,' it's being young and dumb but full of bravado. It follows a lovesick narrator at a house party out in the country, as afternoon turns to night. Sprinting guitars mimic singer Fran Keaney's pangs of heartache, his awkwardly sensual lyrics calling to mind the chaos and confusion of being around someone you can't get off your mind.

'Fountain of Good Fortune' attacks selfishness, myopia, being content with living well even though everybody around you is doing it tough. It's a sentiment familiar to anyone living in the shadow of Boomer Australia, where a desperate middle class elected two conservative governments in a row.

Blending critical insight and literate love songs, The French Press EP cements Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever as one of Australia's smartest working bands.
SLOUCHER started as a recording project for drummer/songwriter Jay Clancy (Makeup Monsters, Pale Noise, Hibou, Cayucas) and evolved to include drummer Jack Hamrick, guitarist Kyle Musselwhite (The Globes), and bassist Lance Umble (Bod, Telekinesis).

SLOUCHER released their debut 7 song EP "Certainty" 7/15/2016 on Swoon Records.

“Sloucher stand on their own without the crutches of being tethered to the luminary tags of old, however, and to put it simply—Certainty is one of the best albums the indie rock genre has had the honor of being applied to for some time.”
-Brian Leak, Substream Magazine

“Some records, you know within a minute or two of pressing play that you're in the presence of an extraordinary talent. I don't know how best to characterize the lineage that Sloucher's Certainty EP descends from, but if you're a devotee of NW (and NW-adjacent) indie pop of the past, oh, 25 years, I'd be willing to bet that it contains at least a few of your favorite bands… Dusky voiced songwriter Jay Clancy has my melodic number. The lyrics are smart and rhythmic, the playing is nimble and inventive, the scale is humble, even the distortion is pleasing.”
-Sean Nelson, The Stranger

“Each song feels as if it could soundtrack a poignant moment in a coming-of-age film…Bands of Seattle’s past may haunt this record, but the trio is casting that familiar sound in its own image. It won’t be long before new bands are looking back at Sloucher for inspiration.”
-Dusty Henry, Seattle Weekly
Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121