Youngblood Brass Band

Wake Up Presents

Youngblood Brass Band

Q Dot, Mic Flont

Tue, October 23, 2018

7:00 pm

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA

$15 Adv.

This event is all ages

Youngblood Brass Band
Youngblood Brass Band
The Youngblood Brass Band is an ensemble spread all over the USA (Madison, WI / New York, NY / San Francisco, CA / Chicago, IL) focused on creating consistently progressive, acoustic, ground-breaking music.

D.H. Skogen - snare drum & MC
Tom Reschke - bass drum
Moses Patrou - percussion
Jonah Gaster - percussion
Arian Macklin - sausaphone
Charley Wagner - trumpet
Mike Boman - trumpet
Tony Barba - saxophones
Zach Lucas - saxophones
Jerome Harper - trombone
Matt Hanzelka - trombone
Q Dot
Q Dot
I rap, play piano, sing, make beats, tour a lot, go to grad school and like camping.
Mic Flont
Mic Flont
Mic Flont Aka Genius Christ is complicated man and amazing emcee. Representing Seattle but also acknowledging his Rochester, NY roots Mic Flont is known for his unorthodox chop, poetic lyrics, explosive stage show and conscious mind state. As a part of Mind Movers, Waves of the Mind, 206 Zulu and OTOW gang Mic has woven himself into the fabric of the Seattle music scene. A veteran of the stage Mic has shared stages with Beastie Boys, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez and many more over his 13 year career.

Also a business man in music, Mic is one of the Co-founders of Think Tank Records and Think Tank Publishing. His greatest success was the 2007 release of the “Think Tank Compilation” which feat. Mic along with 33 other emcees from Seattle. The record sold 5500 physical copies locally in Seattle without a distribution deal and led Oseao Media Group (Think Tank’s Digital distributor) in digital sales from Dec 2007-Mar 2008.
Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121