The Crocodile Presents:



Thu, November 1, 2018

8:00 pm

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA

$15 Adv.

This event is all ages

Scarlxrd (pronounced "scarlord"), is an English rapper. He is known for his experimental musical style combining elements of trap music and heavy metal. Formerly a YouTube personality, Scarlxrd began a career in music as the lead vocalist for nu metal band Myth City, before debuting as a rapper under his Scarlxrd moniker.
“Things are coming together now
Hold my breath so I don't drown.
Swimming around the sky and the clouds,
Flying around, you can't pin me down.”

- 'Tonight, Tonight' by The Amazonica

“If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies” - if you haven't heard the saying, don't worry.

Just know that when it comes to London to L.A. Rock scene veteran Harry, truer words may have never been spoken...

For Harry, her mission to keep the spirit of rock 'n' roll alive and freshly beating takes a little tip from mother nature; sometimes you've got to strip everything back and start again. It's about breaking free of that old industry-toggled exoskeleton, like you were slipping out of a pair of broken heels, and saying “fuck it, it's time for something new!” Besides, adopting a glistening new skin never harmed anyone...unless you're Buffalo Bill.

See, it's with a tenacious and ever-evaluative process of preservation that allows Harry a little clarity on life and to continue being surrounded by everything she's loved about music, both socially and sonically, since the age of 14. Really the question is, when you've released 2 albums and already been the face of a $30 million marketing campaign for, the voice of a Rimmel commercial and been photographed by the legendary Mick Rock for a Playboy article (in which you're already breaking tradition by being blonde and fully-clothed), where exactly do you go next?

Well, today, with a new name and a new sound, Harry aka. Dirty Harry aka. The Amazonica is the change the World's been waiting for. She may have shed the custom-made Nine Inch Nails boiler suits and swapped the wild long blonde locks for something fashionably more “how do you do” but the girl's still exploding with balls of attitude so big, she could wipe out an entire hemisphere with a single cough.

The proof is in the aural pudding...With The Amazonica comes a daring leap into new territory as far as Harry's musical background is concerned, fusing a new-found love of DJing with her already familiar pop and rock wisdom, to create an electronic beast of colossal proportions.

It's an exciting new direction for Harry and one she is more than ready to see successfully take flight.
After all, the one thing about rock 'n' roll that'll never change, is the limitless freedom to do what ever we damn well please, darlings.
Venue Information:
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121