The Scene Aesthetic @ Chop Suey

The Crocodile Presents:

The Scene Aesthetic @ Chop Suey

Tue, December 11, 2018

7:00 pm

Chop Suey

Seattle, WA

$15 Adv.

This event is all ages

The Scene Aesthetic
The Scene Aesthetic
The Scene Aesthetic's story starts in December of 2005 in Seattle when Eric Kimberlin and Andrew de Torres became quick friends and started writing music together. "When we first started, it was really just completely for fun," de Torres says when reflecting on the early days. "I don't think Eric and I ever anticipated that it would turn into anything."

Their assumption was proven incorrect however. Like many bands of their generation, The Scene Aesthetic's popularity stems from a rabid and dedicated online fanbase. This presence could be felt almost instantaneously when they posted their first song, "Beauty In The Breakdown." Soon after, they were being featured as a Top Ten Unsigned Artist on Myspace. "The song caught on so quickly with kids that we just really felt like we should work on some more songs," Bowley explains. "One song turned into three songs. Three songs turned into a full length album."

The band released their first full-length Building Homes From What We've Known in 2006. They began touring the country supporting the record and slowly building up a fanbase that wasn't just in front of a computer.

While Kimberlin was out of the country, the debut album was re-released with three additional songs and renamed to, simply, The Scene Aesthetic. de Torres formed Danger Radio and released two EPs and two full-lengths, Used and Abused (Photo Finish Records) and Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down (Doghouse Records).

Kimberlin returned and the band got quickly back to work, which culminated in a new EP, The Type & A Shadow in April of 2009. Touring picked up from there and they shared stages with Owl City, Never Shout Never, Anarbor, Forever The Sickest Kids and The Ready Set.

In August of 2009, the band entered the studio again to record their second full-length, Brother, with Marshall Altman [William Fitzsimmons, Kate Voegele, Tom Morello] in Los Angeles. The album features a full-band version of their fan favorite "Beauty in The Breakdown" and a song with co-written by The Cary Brothers. The duo also tried to switch up the formula a bit with the new batch of songs. "Andrew and I decided to give co-writing a try on Brother," Bowley adds. "The songs that were created from doing that are some of our favorite songs to date. It’s a fair representation of where The Scene Aesthetic has come in the last 5 years and where we’re headed."

Brother was released independently in November of 2010 and the guys hit the road again with Hollywood Records, Allstar Weekend and Stephen Jerzak.

More cohesive as a unit then ever before, the band is looking forward to the future. "We will continue to write songs that come straight from our hearts. For us, Brother is just a jumping point for so many awesome things to come."
Venue Information:
Chop Suey
1325 E Madison St
Seattle, WA, 98122